Monday, May 24, 2010

My 2000th Tweet!

It's a personal achievement! I've reached the 2000th mark in less than a year! Hooray!
Next step is to see how to overcome some of the challenges when using this for teaching and learning. While I did a comparison (between Twitter and Plurk) sometime ago, it doesn't mean I'll dismiss Twitter totally from teaching & learning... From another perspective, it could have undiscovered features/ ways of using it to benefit T&L :D Cheers!

Sunday, May 23, 2010



  • 你名叫叮当 个样似蜜糖
  • 平易近人清新开朗
  • 我名叫king kong 个款似james bond
  • 最佳拍档
  • 咖啡你冲水 我加奶落糖
  • 你洗衫我将的衫烫
  • 我帮你温钱 你帮我清仓
  • 最佳拍档
  • 有乜野冲撞 你跟我不妨抛开顾忌坐低讲
  • 你需要帮忙 我梗会帮忙点样辛苦都无相干
  • 你响我身边 我不再彷徨
  • 两家一对胆都壮
  • 我一切担当 你不会惊慌 (你可以心安)
  • 最佳拍档 我地系
  • 最佳拍档 永远系 最佳拍档

#ifeel #isee #ireflect #ilike #iwonder #ithink 篇。。。

Saturday, May 08, 2010


1 May (sms): Dear DC & Chipepts! Our farewell gathering will be held on 6 May (Thu) at En Jap Izakaya @ MS

Yup, it's the farewell dinner for a colleague, who went through the thick and thin with us... was with us since the journey started beginning of last year when our office was still at NP. Someone who's very resourceful and fond of M&S' sour fish!

It was a great evening that was filled with laughter... which I think it turned out to be a memorable one, especially for a number of us... it's a celebration of friendship... though it's also a farewell gathering... well, it's always that moment of going... other than that... we are still in this little island :D

All the best... to Germaine and everyone at the dining table...


Oh yes! This is the Popular Lime Juice, I was told... and it tasted... Lime Juice + all the Lime Skin!!! Ah! It increased my heartbeat after 2 glasses!

Hahaha... those who were at the dining table, you know what I meant...

Nice Noodle, no wonder has one page on its own (at the back of the menu)... the meat was nice! The soup was great!

Wow! First time having the entire plate for myself! Wow! Felt like a cannibal when each piece sank onto my teeth... so fresh! A satisfactory meal!





Richard、Germaine、Kym、Jennifer、OCY: 大家,为我们的友谊,干了!


天下无不散之筵席 ~ 不散,哪来的聚?


Sunday, May 02, 2010

I just hate to do that...

I must admit... it's real real difficulty to get me started if it's something that I hate to do... for no reason, I think, sometimes. An obvious one is minutes writing... I simply hate to sit down to do it... it's not that I'm not capable of writing... indeed, that was the excuse I had in the past, but my SC proved me wrong that I could actually write. Thanks to her to restore my confidence in writing, which I tend to openly claim, "I'm no good in writing.".

I always proscastinate over this... while it's something simple to do... however, I simple hate to do it... as a result... the frog grows...

Glimpses of Memorable Moments...

(1) EXCEL Fest 2005 T-shirt (30 April 2010)

  • Had a hard time finding a black T-shirt. Yes! Sounded so unbelievable, but it's true! And it happened to me! I mean, finding a black T-shirt that, at a look, will know that I'm from Black house.
  • The last resort? Oh! EXCEL Fest T-shirts! Yes... I have two, one from 2005 and another from 2007. Have not worn them since the event day. Indeed, I kept them for good memories... in particular, the one from the 2005 EXCEL Fest. Thanks to Chai Noi, I was indirectly involved even before I flew back to Singapore. I was still in Paro when she engaged me in the discussion on the publicity talk that she was assisting the Principal for that occasion. That was my first mini-contribution to NAS before I returned to where I once called 'home'.
  • The 2007 T-shirt was the showcase of some Mathematical Datalogger activities, with San Chye, Hong Pin and Weng Kit. Yup... the Maths team's public showcase of our work :D

(2) That familiar look (30 April 2010)

  • A glimpse, he looked like him! It can't be, I know... but I just impose that imaginary face on that figure...

(3) CHICAGO the musical (1 May 2010)

  • The musical brings me back to those lonely days when I was in Paro. It was shown several times in the TV... each time, I was watched that in the cold sitting room - to kill boredom, I think... but I slowly grew to like it...

Oh! Something's wrong??? OK... back to reality... but sometimes, it's really these that inject some energy to move forward...

5Cs - Past and Present

In response to the Street View (The Sunday Times, 2 May 2010 - Think, p35)

"So how about a different set of 5Cs: care, concern, compassion, communication and contentment... Life in 21st century Singapore is stressful, but with the fress set of 5Cs, we may yet ake our days happy."
Traditional 5Cs are cash, car, credit card, condominium and country club membership.

Well, people are talking about Cs again! In fact, in the school we talked about 10Cs, that are traits and dispositions of a 21st century being! These are indeed survival skills that refocuses inward, something not directly achieveable with money.

The traditional 5Cs are 'famous' and they are the targets of many... (at least, I think I'm one of those weirdos who regarded them differently). Well, the traditional 5Cs are material - look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs chart, the traditional 5Cs addresses to the 1st and 2nd levels - physiological and safety needs - providing the base to the pyramid. Of course, one would argue that amongst the 5, majority belongs to the "good to have (i.e. want)" rather than "need" category. Indeed, if some of the "C"s fit into the esteem level, too! Of which some people exhibits their confidence, achievements, etc through indicators like country club membership! So, the definition of needs has changed over time... largely dependent on the society that one makes reference to.

If we look that these 5Cs closely, it's not difficult to conclude that a significant amount of effort is needed to sustain these 5Cs; and none of them is permanent. It requires on-going investment of effort and money - just to sustain (of course, to some, there's always room for improvement) when one could look forward upgrading themselves within each C.


On the other hand, the new emphasis, in responses to the need of the 21st century environment, seems to be something more lasting, as it's a skill set, a disposition, an attitude that is desireable for survival and integration into the 21st century community.

There are definitely more than the 5Cs that were suggested by the ST Reader. But just to pick a couple of them to think about:

  • Care - It's care to oneself, care to others and care to the environment! People or the physical environment, the happenings around us - that also tells how bothered we are beyond self. One has to know that taking care of oneself is contributes to one's care to the love ones - to reciprocate to the care and concern, and love that others have showered on them. Relieving them from unnecessary worries is one way to show one's care to their love ones. In a way, concern is subsumed under care...
  • Compassion - Goes beyond self. It's an attitude, demonstrated through one's responses to what they see or hear. Compassion has to come with an objective mind in order to trigger the appropriate/right reaction and impact. One who is blindly demonstrates and show compassion (when the heart overrules the mind) could worsen the situation and lead to negative consequences.
  • Communication - Ability to communicate one's thought and feelings in an impactful manner to create/ trigger positive reactions/ responses. That is powerful. Sometimes, people with good intent failed to bring about the desired outcome because of poor communication skills - It's not about not being able to speak the language, but the emphasis and focus; and the tone! Communication is not just about words, it's the feeling element that goes with it that makes it powerful. The listener could feel the sincerity when one speaks from the heart.
  • Contentment - I think, it's not so much of being contented or not, but it's one's ability to differentiate what's a good-to-have and a must-have. With regards to the good-to-haves, one has to further dwell into the varying degrees of good-to-have! A car could be a good-to-have, however, the kind of car one chooses is another added variable here, that sometimes masked the "good-to-have" as a "must-have". Quite often, I was asked if I could drive (especially by those who could drive). No, that's my standard answer, despite the fact that I learnt to drive. Well, I make a choice not to... People gave me a strange look and tried to convince me that it's a must to have (in the local context!). Hahah... but why? when the public transport system meets my need. Why do I need to stress myself up with the heavy traffic and the maintenance, etc. that come with the car!? Well, I'm contented with what I have.

Indeed, I might be making a bold statement, but, what I'm looking forward to is really the tip of the pyramid - self actualisation. It comes with a clear mind and the willingness to divorce from the good-to-haves... it's when one is freed from the material needs that ties one from giving (and in return receiving the satisfaction that is non-material)... Chim? Yes... It is... I'm still finding my path there... 若近若离。。。

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just reflecting...

Days just past so swiftly... sometimes, couldn't even figure out what's the day. Worse still, is this an even or odd week, often have to ask myself... wondering if I'm gone into the confusion mode or it's simply too much to keep up with... including where am I (with reference to time zone).

Today, 1 May, marked the beginning of the second 1/3 of the year. Two ways to look at it:
  • We have covered 1/3 of the 2010 journey? or there's another 2/3 of the journey to carry on this year. Doesn't that sound familiar? Hahaha.... (have not reached the 1/2 glass water-mark yet)

Well, which one resonances more with me? I wonder... it does not only depend on the physcial self, but also the various entities around us... Yes, indeed, I think the latter had a greater impact on how we see things. Sometimes, a seemingly casual comment could change one's perspective and response to one's belief... of course, it also depends on who the listerner interprets. Sometimes, I wonder, is this meant to test one's AQ? Or maybe sometimes such casual remarks/ comments are meant to toughen one's belief?

Sometime ago, someone commented, "... you will soon working yourself out of the job..." Of course, there's a context to this. Indeed, I really don't know whether it's good news or bad news... It's mixed reaction. If I'm able to work myself out of the job, it means I'm successful in achieving the target that I set for myself before I joined the institution - my existence is no longer useful because what needs to be done are done, and all are now in reasonably good operation. Isn't that an indication of success? Hahahaha... it sounded chim? Think about it again... it does sound logical! So, I should work harder to meet my target - how much time left? One and a half year has gone, another half a year? 2.5 year? or 4.5 year?

Perhaps, to say it more correctly, I put myself at where I think I am able to create a positive impact and where my talents, strengths and skills are harnessed and put to good use. It's real cruelty to find myself no longer useful.

Chicago, the Musical

This was something scheduled more than 6 months ago! Yes, I was very kiasu! This musical is pretty different those that I know (e.g. Les Miserable, Phathom of the Opera, etc), at least... More often, the first contact is the broadway musical (with the exception of the Sound of the Music).

However, for Chicago, the first time I saw it was in TV! Yes, it was more than 5 years ago when I was in Bhutan (ironically)! I watched it several times ('cos there were a few repeated runs) all by myself in that cold dark sitting room... Yes, that was one of the premium entertainment I had then, in that little town... I grew from finding it so-so... to start liking it. It took me a little while to accept the context, indeed, which I found a bit ridiculous; however, nothing was impossible in US, I thought. The songs and dances were good (actually what else could I compare with?), not forgetting the strong cast, starring Richard Gere as Billy Flynn, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly and Renée Zellweger as Roxie Hart.

The story is a satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice, and the concept of the "celebrity criminal". One of the "most ridiculous" notion is "celebrity criminal"! The integrity, ethical issues, etc. Or is it about survival in that society? I wonder.

Enjoyed the strong and powerful female vocals! Bravo! I've not heard such good singing (that I could sway and move along) for such a long long time! Though there wasn't fantastic props (indeed, it's one with the simplest prop-set), I enjoyed the strengths, the emotions that were conveyed through the vocals!

Of course, it's also one of that caught me with surprise, in terms of the costumes - yes... the dancers, be it men or women, dressed so sexily... and yes, they danced so seducively, too! hahaa...

Thanks to Deone Zanotto who played Velma Kelly and Sharon Millerchip who played Roxy Hart for the great afternoon :D