Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lenses for e-eye monster?

Guess who is this for? Why 3 and not 2 or 4? Hm...

Afternote (updated: 4 July 2010)

There was a typoerror when posting this via the handphone... the "e" and "3".

Got this idea when a friend likes to describe her colleague as a "3-eye monster"... hahaha... one pair of eyes to stare at 3 computer screens (connected to the same system unit)!

That was the "blur" day when I dropped and couldn't find the 2nd lense... still missing... anyway, so have to open the 3rd piece lor.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sustainability... in blogging

Was doing some houseekeeping to this blog... and noticed that have not visited many of my friends' blogs for quite sometime.

Indeed, a number of us went into blogging at almost the same period... in the past 2 years... I guess, it's a effort to inspire each other, and with that starting belief that it's a platform where we would keep in touch with one another... Well, at that time, Facebook was not as popular as it is now.

It's the enthusiasm... and commitmment... and perseverence... that I think is needed for the blog to be 'sustainable'. Visited a number of blogs this morning... (those parked on the right panel). Noticed that a few of them stopped for quite sometime already (just to name a few):
  • Kevin's "Orange" post has remain evergreen since 2008
  • Irene's Photo Album and her 'resolution to re-start her blogging effort' remains in 2009
  • Ching Ya's glass of water remains half filled since last July. She has not drunk the remaining half or fill it up to the rim yet
  • Richard's last stocktake was this February

Of course, there are those who have been keeping it alive with everyday learning and sharing... like Yunn Huan's, Irfan's and Passang's... and of course, mine :)

What makes it on-going? Hm... at least, for my case, I think I enjoy the kind of 'privacy' in the blog... when it's not 'mixed' with many other stuff... it's clean... and it allows me to organise my thoughts (related to different matters) in a very clean and neat way. In fact, Facebook provides another avenue for 'blogging' - which is via "Notes"... Nevertheless, it's not as neat as using the blog - if I were to organise my posts as "My Thoughts", "My Learning", "My Travelogue", etc... get what I mean?

Oh yes... am still expanding my "BLOG" empire... hahaha... while "My Firsts" and "My Learning Journey" play the key documentation platform... My Travelogue would expand as I leave my footprints around the world. Oops! Not to forget blogs created other accounts for other professional work...

I guess, if someone were to ask me to name one of the greatest achievement in my life... I guess it's really "creating the blog empire, to have my existence felt upon exit"


昨日,友人说,自京都一旅,看到四周的人与事,都似乎渐渐地改善了 - 尤其是人事关系,当然,也包括了各人的处事态度;也许,在每个神社所许下的心愿,渐渐的实现了;同时,自己也比较“禅”了!哈哈哈!那是一桩好事。

其实,万物一直在变;不知不觉中地在变 - 不单单是四周的人与物;同时我们自己也在变 - 不单是处事待人之道;也包括了我们的看法,因为四周的转变而受到影响,一直地在改变之中。


也许,日行一善之“Give the Benefit of Doubt”,也不妨为之是件好事?

Friday, June 11, 2010

33-37-12 Mum's Masterpieces

What has 33-37-12 got to do with.... hahahah... food????? Some of you must be wondering!!!

Yup... it's none other than the 3 flavours of rice dumplings that mum took a day to make yesterday. It's been a yearly affair, regularless of how busy she is... a day will be set aside for this special activity, despite the fact that we could just buy it from so many places!

33: Those of the nonya flavour
37: Standard ones with meat and chestnut
12: Those come with bean

Indeed, it's almost a week before the festival (端午节). Usually these would be just ready for the festival. So, why so early this year? Well, it's because I would miss it since I'm travelling out tomorrow!

Yesterday, I tweeted, "mum's making the rice dumpling early all because I'm going off on coming Saturday :D #ifeel grateful, touched & loved... " (about 12 hours ago via mobile web)

Breakfast this morning :D

all 82 rice dumplings...