Friday, September 25, 2015

My first SMART P(ersonal) D(igital) A(ssistant)

This was a post by the Straits Times this morning.

So nostalgic. I owned a Palm top

I fact, I had no desire to own one for a start... as gadgets did not really appeal to me; well, it's still the same today... I do think twice before placing my order - though these days, I must admit, the reason behind the 'buy' is more like a 'want' rather than a 'need' to. I think it's a blessing that my desire to own such gadgets have not changed much over the years (unlike the way that I would splash for food) :P

One of the push factors (to get the Palm Top) was largely because of work - the portfolio that I newly "acquired" then - so, to some extent, it's an expectation that the ICT Head should be one who look out for new technologies for exploration and assessment (on its relevance to teaching and learning in classrooms). Well, I recall I only bought it after more than half the colleagues in the room had one... and yes... it was also an "encouragement" from people around me...

It was pretty exciting to had that device on hand, though it's monochrone. By the excitement did not last long, probably because I was one of those slower learners when it comes to handling devices. I probably had too high an expectation of the gadget and forgot the need to look into managing "change". I must admit, my "change management" for this instance was a disaster. That's also why I did not harbour the thought of getting an iPad until I had assessed all the potential issues that I need to addressed to.

Well, two things that I will not forget my encounter with the PDA:

1. It was the first time when friends were surprised why I could 'press' the keys so fast ( thought I was using a handphone) when replying to SMSes. Hahaha... I appreciated the stylus a lot then.

2. Life turned chaos when I decided to abandon my A4 size planner and moved all my schedule to the device; and I had to switch back to pen-and-paper. Well, think about it... because of that lesson, I learn to plan my 'implementation' more carefully and now can manage my life much more smoothly with the Google Calendar!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Dot (by Reter Reynolds)

My Interpretation...

Saw the facebook post this morning:

When look into these 2 lines (separately), actually it's pretty interesting...
(without looking into the dictionary or wiki to check out the deeper meaning of the words...)

She did not lie - so, what does that mean?
Well, I would interpret that the 'fact' remains as a 'fact'. It is in the absence of 'noise' - There is no additional information or tweaking to the existing information that would probably clouds one's interpretation. 

On the other hand, it may also mean there are information undisclosed. Without this 'undisclosed' information, this would mean the lack of info may lead one to make some assumptions, which could led to wrong assumptions. Hence, this leads to the next line, "But she did not tell the whole truth". But at least, what's made available would be 'facts'; however, an incomplete picture of the actual scenario. So, now, one might say one has lied because the lack of info leads one to make assumptions - the wrong lead could create a total wrong picture.

So, not giving a complete picture does not imply lying, isn't it?


Saturday, September 05, 2015

Reaching out to the Pioneer Generation


Since the Pioneer Generation Package was rolled out, the government has made a remarkable and commendable effort to communicate the benefits to the pioneers - not only gatherings at the community levels, but also through the media, which is the most powerful media to reach out to the mass (as long as there's an element that makes it goes viral)!

In fact, the 'pioneer' (first) series (led by Mark Lee and Sebastian Tan) was a great success! Indeed, I think, not just the pioneers, but also the younger generation. It's not necessary in dialect - in mandarin is good enough to communicate the message effectively. Of course, thanks to those behind the scene who crafted the lyrics and the re-arranging the music, as well as the conceptualisation of the clip. Had heard the Hokkian version, and it was good; while the cantonese version was not a song, but it's something that, as a Cantonese, I could understand and appreciate.

Recently, another series was released - nevertheless, it's something that I think the Cantonese version got backfired. Well, I guess fortunately the "comments" feature was disabled, else, it would be overwhelmed by responses that would suggest the authority to take it down. Apart from the tune that it adopted from a well-known song from Sam Hui (半斤八两), I guess none of the Cantonese community could appreciate who's uttered by the presenter. The words were "off" when pronounced - 建国一代becomes 建国一“袋”. It's the first time that my parents, who are usually quite indifferent to any advertisements/ commercials actually bothered to get the TV remote controller to mute the sound until the entire clip is over!

Well, it's not over yet... here's what I found from Youtube - the critique was quite subtle, but it tells all...