Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Memories...

Once in a while, go to the gym... just use the treadmill... well, the purpose is just to sweat it out... to feel better :D It's always that standard 20 minutes... not more, not less... thought that's just enough for me.

Notice that it does magic to one's flow of thoughts! Yes, perhaps it's when the air and blood in the body got to flow slightly faster? Well, mind is clearer after that... and what happened in the 20 minutes? Just staring blank at the NTU alumni building, its green landscapes, the water flowing 'stage'... hahaha...

Then, where does my mind wonder to? Hm... unable to explain, but good memories would start to flash across my eyes... well, normally only those 2 fellows - KW & SS... hahaha... those good times I had with them... the little sweetness that fill my 20 minutes... well, that 20 minutes work wonders...

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What happens if tomorrow doesn't come?

This morning, while almost finished 'crossing' through that ever crowded the bus-stop, overheard this from a teenager (who's still attending one of the IHLs nearby).. "I'm crossing my fingers and hope tomorrow will not come."

Wah! That sounds familiar... especially when there're tonnes of deadlines queuing up! I recall.

However, as we joined the workforce... sometimes, it's really waiting for time to pass... hoping it will pass even faster! hahaha....

So, what happens if tomorrow does not come? We'll be stuck!!! hahaha... forever trap in that vicious cycle... Oh yes, that reminds me of the movie "Groundhound day"... Yes, for a while, one loves the chance to do something differently (especially when one regretted in the earlier 'episode')... nevertheless, it's sad when everyone moves on but only you got stuck there...

So, be careful of what you wish!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Silence means Consent?

Have not attended SC briefing for a long long time... the last one was about 5 years ago, before I left for Bhutan... while still holding the portfolio of the HOD/ICT... oh yes, a foot into practically anything pertaining to ICT, KM, SC... those were the days (so far away).

Well, every time (in the past), briefings were always conducted in Teachers' Network. Well, seems like it has become a permanent place for SC briefing! Still there, except it used another LT instead (for this time only?)

Sitting in the familiar setting... saw only a couple of familiar faces (one 'evergreen' in SCAC and another HOD/ICT from a west zone school) Really, only a couple!!! (where I belonged to was the east zone!)

Suddenly felt I was a newcomer to the whole thing, so many acryonms that I'm not familiar with... MSL... while I thought it's a noun - which true enough, it's a noun, I heard the presenter say something like... "When a student MSL-ed" Wah! what kind of English is that??? From the mouths of people of School Div! There were also several other abbreviated terms! What a hell they were!!! (Oops!!!)

Throughout the briefing, there were several areas that the team wanted to get feedback from the audience... nevertheless, it was put across as, "Well, I'm asking you if you find it ok... If you have no objection, we'll take it that you all support our proposal... and we shall go ahead with the enhancements! You have agreed to it!"

Yeap, that was the impression I had throughout the 3 hours briefing... SCAC just need the crowd there... as far as there wasn't any objection, it's taken consenus... Moreover, at several junctures, there wasn't any wait time for the audience to react!!! Fair??? Enough time to process and react???

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Singapore Flyer... 新加坡摩天轮

Each time I passed by the Singapore Flyer at night (while travelling along the ECP), I could not resist, but keep my head up to follow the flyer... as the car made its turn on the expressway... until it's out of sight.

I'm proud that what Singapore has is something that looks so elegant though it's gigantic. Yes, I saw many flyers or gigantic ferriwheels overseas - those in Japan, Taiwan, Paris, London, etc... Among those... the only one that captured my attention was the London Eye. Yes. I almost persuaded Shoo Soon to go for the London Eye when visited London the 2nd time... until Keith showed us a better place to get the bird's eye view across River Thames... Yes, overseeing the river and the modern Tate from level 20+ (@ Millbank)! Yeap, that's much higher than the London Eye... But I was still very much captivated by its majestic look... though no longer the desire to 'fly' with it...

So, this time, took advantage of the offer to education officers when we got a complimentary ticket to go up the (currently) highest flyer in the world! Also a family outing... Yes, it's a good one :D The flight was not very much impressive (as I would have expected!). Nevertheless, saw the Singapore skyline... at least... from the southern tip fo the island... But I think, once is enough...

Click HERE to see more pictures taken from the cabin

Friday, September 05, 2008



Wednesday, September 03, 2008






也许,是“怕输”的心理吧!通常,即使看来不是很有用的东西,也会给“它”某个程度上的注意。。。也因此分心。。。也因此无法很快的把要点聚集起来。。。 也因此有时会去花不必要的时间去处理某些事情。

然而,有时,也是因为那毫不瞩目的“小点” - 把整个局势扭转了过来。有时,因为没有注意那“小点”,结果铸成了将来得耗费人力物力去解决的问题。有时,因为没有注意那“小点”,改变了某些人将来的想法。。。(尤其是少年们。。。)

Monday, September 01, 2008



寻了许久,终于找到了!是去年在伦敦Kew Garden拍的。还记得,那是一颗长在温室里的仙人掌。 其实,也考虑了许久,用仙人掌,恰当吗?



  • 有的学生,就像仙人掌,布满了刺。。。然老师们闻声色变。。。(哈哈,还不到闻风丧胆的地步!)可是,就是棘手得不得了。可是,也正是如此,有的老师,把他们最大的勇气拿了出来,软化了仙人掌上的刺,给了它新的生命,新的希望。
  • 其实,老师,也因为得应付今日的莘莘学子(有的,真的是“猩猩学子”),不得不拥有仙人掌的性格 - 坚韧,毅力。。。就像仙人掌,可在艰旱的环境里生存。拥有那不屈不绕的精神。


You never know... when someone might catch a dream from you... or something you say may open up the windows of a mind that seeks light. The way you live may not matter at all but you will never know, it might...