Saturday, May 09, 2009


4 May 2009 (Monday)

It's morning. My table was empty 'cos I already got everything nicely packed into the boxes last Thursday! So, only my 'portable' stuff here. Indeed, the workers came in the morning and started dismantling the tables for the next day's moving. Made my last call to the vendor and packed my things.

We were among the 1st immigrants to arrive at the holding site. There were 4 of us... KH, Jo and Lam. Though we left the boxes for the movers to ferry over, each of us carried a few bags with us. Thanks to KH, we came direct after lunch. For a moment, it's like one of those trips that we finally reached the destination and about to check in to our hotel room! hahaha.... Unfortunately, the lobby (the office) was locked, and we ended up in the canteen - which we settled down pretty quickly, happily charging and booting up our computers!

Everything has been rather disorientated... anyway, thanks to HK, who advised us to find one of those air-conditioned rooms where we were there for the rest of the day. Oh yes, the Multi-purpose room was the home for 6 of us! (Richie & CY joined us after lunch)

6 May 2009 (Tuesday)

It's THE day... when we officially started work at the holding site. In fact, our furniture were still at the office in NP. Anyway, there were already tables and chairs in the staff room and of course, it looked bare.

Set up the workstation at the corner near where I would be sitting. It's a pretty quiet corner... hahaha... when some colleagues suggested sitting away from this area, anticipating the noise. Ironically, it's the quietest area this morning.

Towards the later part of the morning, we welcome the very first load of goodies :D and one by one, our goodies arrived. Yes, my 2 boxes arrived safely! Nevertheless, no time to unpack 'cos have to go to LSL for meeting.

Well, well, well... though the place is bare, though things seem older... nevertheless, it's really where home is, for the school :D Yes, it's the place we call HOME in the next 2 years.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

School Daze 书包太重 - 观后感

Heard so much about it... It's been almost everyday since last week... ok... it's a new TV drama (by MediaCorp)... Hm... it's another one of those dramas that focus on schools, teachers and students! I guess, my curiosity is really about one of the artistes - Rui En, who seems to be the hottest heart-throb in town? So, labour day is also 'school daze'... was sitting in front to the TV having a drama-marathon! 9-episodes at one go!!! (well, that's what's all available at the video-on-demand at MioTV 312).

Have not watched local dramas for a long long time... not even the Little Nonya (though it whipped up any wave in this sunny island!).

Yes, there's always some 'star' teachers in such drama - of course, in schools too... a few segments of the stories really my cord... it already painted some really good or real situations in some schools today! Up to the 9th episode, I could draw the sadder side of today's educational scene here...
书包太重 - 剧名,也许就有两个含义罢!
第一,是指重量吧!不单单有电子辞典,还有一本重重厚厚的辞典。天啊!那是“怕输”?还是,我们的新一代还没走入“电子”时代?还不是Digital Native?还是,编剧在暗示我们,学生已经“准备”好了!但,因为老师仍是Dinosaur(?)因此,苦了今日学子,得扛着两个时代,但相同性能的“道具”上学去。那是一种讽刺吗?
剧的开始不久,就有跑车奔驰的画面!噢! 那是“新人类”老师出场了!用有机会够享受跑车奔驰的感觉来作为奖赏?天啊!那是我们要吹鼓的吗?当然,那也是一种投资吧!用物质去“收买”人心也是一种途径。但,能持久吗?若是“红萝卜”不见了,那些只“认货不认人”的家伙还会那么的合作吗?


It's moving time!

It's the 2nd time 'packing and moving' in less than 6 months! The last time I had was at level 14 ( Oh! Looking at the photos... realised that I was in the same 'packing gear' for both occasions! hahaha!
Well, it's messy... though not massive... not too much concrete items were generated during this period. Well, it's also the time where we start throwing and shredding... it's 'springcleaning', in a way. Everybody's given 3 boxes to pack...
Well, it took me a long time to pack most of the things in the first box! Yes, all neatly slotted in... afterwhich, fearing the box will give way when moved. That's the biggest nightmare!!! Anyway, managed to pack everything in... all in all, 1.5 boxes! Hurray!

Here are my 2 boxes of barang barang!