Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last day at Level 14

The day has come... It's a day when... once in a while I looked forward to, especially at the beginning of the year when I was frustrated, when I felt my effort all gone to waste, when I felt as if I fell from great heights & when I felt I lost my pride(!)... yes, could imagine myself crawling out desperately... Ha... sounds cartoon? But that's how I felt...

Just 2 days ago, someone padded on my shoulder, smilingly asked, 'Are U happily counting down?' Anyway, its a sincere voice... I could fel it... I guess she expected a quick 'Yes!' Hm... well, maybe I had disappointed her, my answer was 'mixed feelings'... ah... to quote what SC likes to say 'Yes & No'...

On one hand, think of small parcels of excitement on the way! New challenges & rare opportunities! Aren't these things I hope to be engaged in? (as I shared with a good friend) Hm... yes, frankly, I dislike having to take over a job from someone when it's not properly handed over (which is quite common!). In a way, my wish comes true! Of course, I'm happy :D

On the other hand, human beings are sentiment 'creatures' and could quickly develop feelings... to a place, to whom he meets, the encounters! It's kind of difficult (if not impossible) to divorce from sentiments & feeling... I do have some good times here, too... frankly, true good times... I do miss people and other things here...

In fact, the feeling of walking into the Level 14 office would be very different 'cos another layer of unfamiliarility is going to start 'thickening'... the next time I come back... I'm a guest? Well, I've been uprooted...

- posted from train, on my way to office (morning)...

The last bag of goodies that I bring to level 14... It took me more than 3 hours the night before to get them ready...

This is the lounge at Level 5... where I had most of my work review sessions - with Sai Choo, Poh Heng & Adeline...


Sally's corner... where I got addicted to its Potato Salad and Green Salad... Ah! My last lunch in HQ... yes, bought it from here...


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Present to Myself...

Was counting the days when I'll be returning the old tablet to the Division... the tablet that has followed me so closely that it almost have the same amount of wake-up time as I do these 3 years... (oh yes, I stretch its lifespan(?) - ok, call me a slave(?) driver... er... of this tablet... hahaha...) In fact, this is my #3 'boyfriend'... hahaha....

#1 was a DELL Latitude notebook (black) - which was bought when mp1 rolled out... every EO enjoyed a rebate of, I think, about $500 for any PC or notebook they bought... That was a rather attractive deal at that time! It was a novelty to own a notebook in those days (in 1997). Oh yes, it followed me to the school for at least once a week (though I had a desktop to use then). Well, the school notebook stayed at the office most of the time... except days when working on presentations then it got a chance 'come home' with me...

#2 was COMPAQ Presario notebook (silver) - a bargain when signed up for an insurance policy... yes, another good deal at that time 'cos such offers were not common in the early 2000s. It was in end-2002, I think... yeap... It weathered humid Singapore weather and the extreme cold in Bhutan... indeed, it served me very well... Thanks to it that I could keep in touch with the world while physically in an almost unreachable place! Yes, many of my Bhutanese students eyed for this notebook - some even offered to buy... Hahaha... it's one of those with high sentimental values!

#3 is the one currently in use - FUJITSU Lifebook T series. It came when the #2 was in semi-retirement stage. However, it followed me closely because of work... Yes, with some client-based software, I was 'stuck' to it... in order to access those applications. One of them is email, another is the resources and files in the intranet. For 3 years, be it work day, public holidays or weekends, it starts its day at home... Well, after 3 years... think it's almost "times-up" for it... its fan had started singing since July... well... "Thumbs-up" for #3... It has served me well...

Here's my #4... a white cool tablet... white Fujitsu Lifebook (T1010). The buy is driven by needs... to fill in the period before the school portable comes in... thought it's time to buy one for personal use... in fact, if I were to count the years since I last bought the notebook, it was almost 10 years... so, quite reasonable to invest one now...

The choice... To get a MacPro or a PC... that was something hanging out there for a while... Oh yes, Mac comes into the picture as I see more and more people are using one... However, thinking that we might be using one in the near future... and Mac doesn't come with the inking feature... so, quite quickly, decided on a tablet. Of course, that made life much easier... 'cos not that many brands offer tablets! Left with 3 notable ones - Fujitsu, HP and Toshiba... partly because have been using a Fujitsu in the past 3 years... and it's made in Japan (ah! it's one of the selling point)... so, decided Fujitsu... One intersting fact that I was not aware till asked the salesperson - the price of Fujitsu tablets are fixed... except any free gifts that the company comes with it... so, it even made life easier... It took a total of 5 hours - from the 1st call to enquire to bring it home (with everything installed)! Swift... isn't it?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Village at Plaza Singapura

Passed by Plaza Singapura and saw the "Christmas Village"... a very visual way to tell story... Went into that 'enclosure'... first things that caught my eyes were not the characters... but the sheep everywhere! Ah! reminded me of Australia! Hahha...

Then the pictures, the story... but halfway, realised that I was 'visiting' the story from end (Ah! start with an end in mind???)

It's the first time... probably because of the setting and the way the characters were presented (of course, the sheep plays a part), felt the Christmas story so muslim-like.... hm.... that reminded me of another thing... no wonder there were claims that background of the 2 religions are somehow related...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas time...

It's once again, the once-a-year affair... Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

It's time to catch-up with friends again! Ah! with additional flavour to it... for that personal touch, handwritten card is still the best, I think... Nowadays, there are fewer reasons to go to the post office to buy and stick stamps on envelopes! Technology has closed the distances between mankind! Oh! It's so far, yet so near... ah! An email will reach within split seconds! Ah! Will the postman be out of job very soon?

Hm... As mentioned in a recent the Facebook's status updates - I enjoy sticking stamps on envelopes... ok, its therapeutic... more importantly, the emotion, the feel's different, it's like counting and sending out every well wishes to each and every individual... with that touch... how gingerly the stamp is stuck at that corner... the name and address are written... it matters! Haha...

Of course, not forgetting the electronic version... for those that I do not have the snail mail address... Thanks to technology here... without you... warm wishes will not be able to reach out these friends...

Was chatting with a friend just after the clock struck 12... It's Christmas! There she shared the meaning of Christmas... In John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life". Hence, it is important that while celebrating Christmas through catching up with friends, it is also good to look at the sky and see if you can see and feel God looking and loving you above."

Oh yes, showing appreciation and gratitude is important... the kind of good feeling generated - to the receiver and the giver... are simply unable to described with words... it's more than good, as it comes with love and care... ah! It could just melt one's heart, making the world a better place to live... Usually, we'll hear Salvation Army bells ringing outside shopping malls to remind people it's "giving time"... Nevertheless, if we step back and look at it... if we were to only associate giving and caring in Christmas... how about the rest of the 364 days in the year? Aren't we a bit stingy? Perhaps the ideal is working towards to every day being a Christmas day? Filled with the spirit of Christmas?

Cheers! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Work Station (II)

It's packing time! It's time to pack! Ah!!! They mean the same? Not really... It's not a time to do springcleaning, but to pack-and-go! (ah! like of the features in MS PowerPoint where the slides could be saved as an executable file).

Took a couple of pictures of my workstation before starting to "undo". In fact, only moved to this workstation for barely 6 months... after relocation, to the adjacent 'plot'. Nevertheless, seems like luck has been by side... am always allocated the "Prime" land... {hahaha... People who's long enough in the section would know why....}

Here's how it looks like while in the old place:

Compare with the old workstation, many things remain... that's what made the workstation "LKY"... hahaha... some things will just follow...

Got the view of hills and sky from the present location... while the eyes could take a break, I could easily tell when the weather changes!

Well, well... spent the whole of Friday night to clear the workstation... 4 full bags of papers to throw away... yes... good springcleaning... but I'm still holding back some files... ah!!! maybe they will only go when I finally leave...

Update... 24 December... Christmas eve...

Desert Rose

Have not seen a Desert Rose before till SC shared with us what she got from Tunisa!... Ah! Both the item and place sound exotic! hahaha....
It's beautiful - the masterpiece of nature! Oh yes, not anyone knows how to appreciate such good unique stuff! Some would say, it's just another piece of rock!

From the wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desert_rose_(crystal): It's a crystal!
Desert rose is the colloquial name given to rosette formations of the minerals gypsum and barite with poikilotopic sand inclusions. The 'petals' are crystals flattened on the c crystallographic axis, fanning open along characteristic gypsum cleavage planes.

As Sabrina has pointed out... none of the pictures in the wikipedia website look as beautiful as the one now lying at level 14! We are lucky!

Take a closer look...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My "Makan" Diary... this fortnight... (extended...)

Tis the season to celebrate! Tis the season to renew friendship ties! Tis the season to bid farewell... Yes, all these happenings... in December

I remember, one of my friends always say... 独胖胖,不如众胖胖!Hahaha... yes, what a philosophy! It's always a joy to eat! This has been reaffirmed by many and over time... Just to recall, when it comes to gathering, what do we normally suggest? "Let's go makan!" This is when we enjoy each other's company - talk and eat!

Flipping through my planner... yes, this month's really packed with so many makan sessions... (of which some are posted in the blogs, too! OK, different blogs - for one reason or another).

Since the start of the month... to-date...

  • 2 Dec: Porridge at Crystal Jade, Junction 8 - after project discussion @ SIF
  • 4 Dec: Section Farewell Lunch @ DragonGate Restaurant, HarbourFront
  • 7 Dec: Family Dinner @ Phines, Tampines Mall
  • 8 Dec: Glenn's Wedding Dinner @ Conrad Hotel
  • 10 Dec: Lunch @ Marutama Ramen, Central - with Lee Cherh
  • 11 Dec: Lunch @ Genki Sushi, Holland Village - with Li Ping & Hui Thing
  • 12 Dec: Dinner at My Humble House, Esplanade with Guay Hwee
  • 14 Dec: Family Dinner @ Changi Village

  • 23 Dec: SST Lunch - X'mas Celebration
  • 24 Dec: PD Section Potluck @ Level 14
  • 24 Dec: Xmas Dinner @ S'pore Swimming Club - with Soh Tin

  • 26 Dec: Makan Gathering @ The Cathay - with YL, GC & CE

Saturday, December 13, 2008


根据汉典,寒舍 hánshè [my humble home] 被解释为(谦辞) 对人称自己的家。当然,这并不表示设备简陋或寒酸;但是,也不会让人想象成堂皇的布置,给人一种高不可攀的印象吧!

昨晚,就和友人月慧一块到“榴莲壳”观赏芭蕾舞蹈 - 之前,就到了寒舍享用晚餐。第一感觉就是,此寒舍,非我们所想象的。布置十分地讲究,十足的气氛!哇!就有如走进了。。。它还有给看演出的人儿特定的“赶场套餐”呢!在这里用餐,若有时间的话,是一种享受!当然,花费也是顶可观的!


看,是烛光和干花 - 够罗曼德克了吧!不远,还有一杯唐茶呢!是中西合并!

开胃小菜 - 非常的精致

海鲜面 - 新鲜的蟹肉和鲜虾

用新鲜椰汁熬出来的汤 - 我们连椰肉都吃得干干净净!

The Nutcracker @ Esplanade, 12 Dec 2008

Website about the NutCracker.

Learn about NutCracker, not through E.T.A. Hoffman's "The Nutcracker and the King of Mice", but from the great composer, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky who composed the piece - but it was just the name and the music.

A few words to describe when heard the pieces... light, sweet, lively, cool, uplifting, fairy tale-like... so captivating... It simply distants one from reality! Ah! It's non-tiring even if heard over and over again...

Did not know storyline till watched this ballet performance - though I know that it has something to do with Christmas! hahaha... Yeap, and that nutcracker toy. Everything presented on the stage was so fairy-tale like... Those little cottages! The gigantic gifts! The human size toys! The little mice! Hahaha.... Reminds me of "It's a Small World" in Disneyland! Like the last part of Act 1 - the snow flakes scene! Wow! Lovely blue and white!

Now, I could appreciate better when hear the pieces... At least, could imagine the story when listen to the selected pieces. Now I know how titles like Sugar Plum Dance, Waltz of Flowers come about... and what it exactly depicts!

It's also the first time that I sat through a ballet performance! What an achievement, too! Still, think it's much more chim than other forms of performance arts like musicals (that's what I love to watch).

Thanks to Guay Hwee for the wonderful evening! Oh yes, a pad on the shoulder for her daughter... who's part of the balleria team! It's a great performance!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The best "cloth" meeting the worst "tailor"

It's wonderful that more and more shops are offering the gift wrapping service during the festive season! Great! It really saves the shopper's time to think what wrapping paper to get and how to go about 'dressing up' the gift. Of course, at the same time, the shop could also advertise via its 'customised' wrapping papers.

Well, went to Watson the other day to shop for a Christmas gift. Thought its wrapping paper was pretty colourful! So, of course won't give the service a miss! However, as I looked at how the gift was wrapped (I would say - how it was taped), the more I regretted... what a waste of resources!
Well, some friends commented that I kind-of-a-fussy... indeed, I am... but I do accept imperfection.. as far as it's reasonably ok... On the other hand, when it comes to gift wrapping - the purpose is really to get the present dressed up nicely. See, the key word is nicely! The way my present dressed is - good cloth in the hands of the worst tailor! This is something really unforgivable! I think, it's also the pride the 'tailor' has in her work! More doesn't mean better! All the basic principles of gift wrapping were missing!!! The last straw was really taping the ribbon on the wrong side!!!

So, I ended up unwrapping the entire gift gingerly... and to reuse the wrapping paper (which I thought it was a waste to throw it away), a number of folders have to be introduced! Well, it's not difficult at all to wrap something that's simple!

After transformation...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


也许,是“广东人”的关系吧!通常大家看港剧时,都会看到剧种人物早上吃粥的习惯吧!还有,到茶楼饮早茶时,通常都会点“皮蛋瘦肉粥”,“艇仔粥”对吗?另外,大家如果有看中国片,或是台剧,也许,就会听到“稀饭”吧!然而, 在家里,我们通常都会称“稀饭”为“潮州粥”。

“稀饭”和“粥”最大的不同,应该是前者,真的是有一粒一粒的“饭”在里头!后者,则是把米饭煮到绵绵的,一粒米都看不见。啊!我们也把它俗称“广府人粥”。喜欢吃的,“广府人粥” ^.^