Tuesday, January 01, 2013

First Blog Post in 2013

I didn't manage to pen down my thoughts to conclude the year before 1 January 2013 00:00.
From another light, I've started penning down my very first post in 2013 just minutes after 2013 00:00

Yes, I'm still awake at this hour... quite rare for an earlier bird like me :)

Well, I'm not alone... a look at the 'chat' box in the school email... these are the people who are still wide awake! Well, there could be more... those who are 'hidden' secretly :P

What are they doing? Hm... I don't know... about work? Hm... I was kept awake because of work too! Yes, I was trying to beat an extended deadline! Haha... and the submission got to be online. So, I hit the submit button at 23:59. Wow! This time sounds familiar? Oh yes, it's the deadline that I used to give to students for online submission of work! OK, like it or not, it's 'karma' or in worse off term, a 'retribution'? Hm...

Have 'crossed' over from Y2012 to Y2013. So, is it the time to celebrate? To celebrate that Y2012 is over? or celebrate that Y2013 has arrived? #iwonder.

Popped into the 2 Facebook accounts... it's not difficult to identify those who are still "alive" at this hour.

Let's see what the youths today got to say? They are welcoming the new year!
In particular, I like the what Adil said... it's like he has been waiting just for that moment to 'become' :) In other words, there's a 'target' or something to look forward to... 

While there are so many from the youths, the number at the other Facebook where the adults are certainly reflect a more 'mature' view of life... many were looking back and wishing for the better in the new year. So, naive or not? The youths only look forward. Or it's simply because the adults are the more "worrying"/ "concern" lot who wished the not-so-good things shall be left in the past year? Hm... Interesting perspective, isn't it?

Y2013, to me is kick-started by a pleasant surprise from Bhutan. Yes, it's a present that's 可遇而不可求。It's exciting to talk and certainly rare for 2 different persons from 2 time zones talking to each other, with one still lived in Y2012 while the other already stepped into Y2013.
Thanks to Phuntsho!

Bhutanese Time
Singapore Time

Well, hope that more pleasant surprises along the way.

In fact, to look back, Y2012 was a very tough year when I fell? No, I dived (with the impact) into the deep valley that I could not see light... It's a very tough year... with more than 50% of the time depressing. It was emotionally draining as well. Yes, it was... so much so that I wanted to skip not just days or weeks, but years!!! It was also a tough year that I face to face with harsh reality... It had been emotionally and mentally challenging! Basically it was not a good year.

Oh yes, I brought a decision over from Y2011 that led me made a decision (to some extent, was driven to made such a decision), changed the decision (because I was reminded of the larger purpose that probably worth the risk), and now, still unsure if I've made the right decision (which I think 2013 will tell me more).

On the other hand, not to overshadowed by the dark clouds and storm, I had my blessings to count too! I must be grateful to have good people around who attempted to encourage me and shower me with little present surprises in those no good days! Heartfelt appreciation to the people around me! Definitely, the awards and promotions had brought cheers to me, these were affirmation of the hard work put in, accumulated over time. They came in timely to lift up the days a little, though sometimes I made myself to think twice, if these are really things to cheer about.

Well, Y2012 is now the past... receiving the PRESENT Y2013 :)