Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Firsts in SST...

Nowadays, we hardly print our Notes of Meetings... and this file came to sight as I was packing the stuff for this December 'house-moving'. It was clearly labelled the EXCO meetings NOMs, which in fact, had all the old documents being filed, including our very first NOM in 2008, as well as the SOPs for school's milestones in the infantry stage. The file was one of those that I used while still in HQ - yes, one of those brown paper file that I used while still with ETD in 2008... and at that point, I was "moonlighting" at SST. Well, took pictures of these before shredding those documents. Indeed, quite a lot of flashbacks...

Here's the very first EXCO meeting, with the first EXCO team, 'expanded' from the 2-men village. Oh yes, I remember Mr Chua liked saying, that's all he had in the 'village' (and in fact, all were not officially with the school yet). Shall I say, it's the actual pioneer team? Hm... How many still around...
Despite of having to put in lots of hard work and having experienced many ups and downs... I must admit, it's a very enriching experience which I personally gained a lot of insights along the way while I also have contributed significantly to the foundation years of the school. I'm still very proud being a member of this team :)

The first milestone we had, on 3 March, exactly one year that the school was announced by form Education Minister, Mr Tharman. It's the MOU with NTU and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, which binds the 3 institutions more closely. Oh yes, it's also the first time I took up the role of the emcee of such important event. Haha... Thanks to my buddy Ching Ya who got me out of my shell :) Thanks for the encouragement too!

Here's another milestone when we did our first outreach at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, that we engaged a few hundreds of the curious and enthusiastic P6 students, and I'm sure a number of our pioneers participated in this event.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


At last, done with the "last" intensive of the course that started since July 2010. I guess, without the encouragement of friends around, I would not be able to see myself come the long way here. Like what Prof Tania told me, she saw the change... haha... oh yes... become more outspoken in class, since she saw me through 3 of the modules. Thanks... yes, it's a good observation which would have went unnoticed by many of my teachers since those old school days!

I think one of the things I 'give back' to the course is being an encouraging and helpful classmate to some... Indeed, I think I'm just leveraging on my forte to put forward a helping hand. It's a joy to be able to help. I believe that there isn't any competition in this course. The only competitor is ourself. Hence it's largely depending oneself how we perceive the entire "game".

But I'm really very glad that I'm able to put forth a helping hand for someone in the very last intensive session. Cheers!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


3 different facial expressions, yet 'selling' the same service. Interesting approach, when purpose of the advertisement was trying zoom into "what if you are not using our service... you may experience the following..." Haha.. clevery right?

Now, examine their expressions carefully... What's the common theme/ chartristics?
Are you able to tell what services is the  company trying to sell?

Book Shelf Wallpaper

Was packing my book shelf... indeed, from far, the books become a nice wall paper :)

While I like to openly 'declare' that I "buy & shelf".
However, when it comes to doing paper work, these resources become very handy :)
Haha... good for someone like me who's the last minute worker.

Doll & Bears

A beautful doll from Lee Cherh :)

Did not realise that the 2 bears (received at 2 different occasions) put on the similar clothes :)
So, do they belong to the same family?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Transformation...

Well... While the term has come to an end, it's also time for us to close the curtain in this campus that many of us put in our utmost effort and energy in the infant years of the school... since October, we've started our packing, bit by bit...



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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just let your fingers fiddle around

Was chatting with a friend about learning (er... more like catching up with) new technology.

I was describing what my 19-month old nephew could do with the iPad... recognising where the apps were placed and opening his choice apps; retrieving his favourite Youtube videoclips and moving the apps all over the place; and even making 'facetime' calls! And better still, how he had removed my Apps Store icon despite the fact that I had deactivated the install/ uninstall feature! Haha... Thanks to friends around who offered me tips to retrieve that icon!

Oh yes, that's a digital native in action! And each time I watched him fiddle with the iPad, it's always a mixture of anticipation of pleasant surprises (and with a certain degree of anxiety 'cos I would not know what kind of challenge he's going to 'impose'! Haha...)

I'm quite sure the process that's described was unique to kids nowadays! They really explore!!! And I believe it's accompanied with another important element - curiosity... to discover... and the excitement to see things happening!!! Partly, because of the 'lack' of structure in the way their brains are wired helps!

I think, the reaction would definitely be very different when you ask a more senior (er... elderly) adult to fiddle around with the apps and stuff in the iPad! Take me as an example, when I first received my device, my very 'structured' mind would 'tell' me to ask my "helplines" to assist... in the setting up and what to install, and how to go about organising my stuff. To be frank, I did not 'explore'... I would systematically know what I need to do and I would stop there once I got what I need. It's only in the recent weeks that I learnt how to do a screen capture of the iPad desktop! Well, it's never too late :)

So, I guess... lesson learnt here, while we tend to tell people, just 'fiddle' around and you would find it quite 'initutive' and 'easy to use'... we have to take note of who we are giving the advice to... It's applicable to the digital native, but more scaffolding will definitely help to encourage people of the other age spectrum!

First post from iPad using BlogPress

Something interesting that I learnt from a friend... Using BlogPress to craft posts even when there's no Internet access. Something that I shall try in the next few weeks :) It even comes with image upload button! #ilike

Also learnt something new from Lee Cherh yesterday. Having the virtual button activated to lengthen the lifespan of the iPad button. Who says that we only learn from IT savvy people only? Cheers!

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