Thursday, August 09, 2012

20120809 Today's Reflection

Writing email, to many, is an easy task.

However, to write an email with your heart and soul, and sincerity, and to express one's feelings in an objective manner is no easy task. At least, it's not easy for me. Sometimes, it's really a tall order, but an inevitable task.

One important pointer given to us (when writing email) is:
  • Never write when you are emotional!
  • If you have to write, do not click the 'Send' button.
Why? Why? Why?
Isn't it that's when we are responding to the situation in the most truthful manner?
Yes, perhaps, at that moment. When sometimes we are clouded or blinded by our emotions and therefore unable to assess the matter from various perspectives and put across our points of view in a more objective manner. Of course, one would argue the fact that, the points put across after the cooling down period is no longer a true reflection to the matter, or the impact would be been reduced tremendously? Yes, I do agree to a certain extent. However, We must not ignore the fact that words are mighty. It could cause damages that could be irreversible.

I think the other challenge that I experienced today, after spending about 4 hours to craft an (not very long) email, really is how to manage my emotion as I typed the words. Yes, when words and 'facts' generate emotions! That's scary isn't it?

Earlier, I said, the manage emotion then write - it's possible to do as one has already rationalised it.
However, when emotions make a come-back as one starts putting the down the words - that could be very tormenting... especially every single word is generated through one's heart and soul, and when we do not want it to sound emotional... 那是另一高境界!

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Happy Birthday, Singapore!