Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Scandalous 5"

This was our dessert at Swensen, after makan at Sakae Sushi (at Toa Payoh, just side by side).

Actually it's named "Topless 5"... hahaha... think about it, it's more like "Scandalous 5"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Different Perspectives, Different Cultural Background

Received this image from a friend... He painted it, while he's not a trained artist, he captured the minute details the animal. At a first look, I thought it was a...... however, as I continued to read the email, it was supposed to be a.... I shall not reveal what it is yet... until I return a days later...

Meanwhile... make a guess :D

Sunday, March 07, 2010






(哈!没有时间的局限)(i.e. Timeless)




Musician Cab-driver

The look of this cab-driver doesn't subscribe to the normal look of a cab-driver - shoulder length hair that resembled a bit like a mad scientist! hahaha....
(OK, don't get me wrong... it's not that I stereotype, but having hopped into some many cabs in the recent months, I could tell the difference... hahaha...)

To confess... it was my zzzzz hour and that hoped to catch some intermittent naps on the way... though this is a short one - from City Hall to Tampines.

He's sooooo chatty... hahah... quite rare... started talking about Chjimes - when it was converted from the Girls' school, to the new pedestrian bridge at Bugis Junction... hahaha... he's like a guide... I guess he must be bored and sees his passengers as his audience. He moved on to (voluntarily) talked about himself being a musician prior taking up driving, how lavishly he spent on cars, etc... and even went for car racing, etc... hahaha... ah! from the way he sat and waved his hands in the air... obviously... he missed "those good days...".

Apart from the interesting context (which is pretty different from what other cab-drivers talk about... ), well, I guess he's also taking the opportunity to tell the world he regretted his course of actions... (to make himself feel better?) Hm....

Before I alighted... he left his name and even the url to this website!
Thanks, Spencer, for the entertaining 20-minute journey...