Tuesday, May 01, 2018

It's the Moon? It's the Sun?

Beautiful shades of pink > purple > blue?

What's hanging up there? It's the morning moon.
About to set... but in a beautiful pastel background - after having survived in dark for at least a quarter of the day.

Nature - the unpredictable master painter

It's a beautiful morning sky - which only lasted for less than 5 minutes.
No, it's not because someone has destroyed it, but it's an evolving piece of art work - the work of nature. It's nature.

Sometimes, we wait... wait for the better... because we believe the 'better' will come.
Yes, sometimes, the 'better' comes; and it may come in a different 'form'.
But, sometimes...

Seize the day. Seize the moment.

How beautiful!

Below is the same photograph, being enhanced to bring out a stronger 'character' of the art.
Greater intensity. Sharper edges. More piercing rays.

Which is the truer reality?
Which is the truer front? or perceived front?

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Things that make us feel Singaporean

This was a post I noticed crafted last year but remained as a draft...

"Things that make us feel Singaporean" is the theme of the photo competition organised in the school. Indeed, some suggested categories are food, places, buildings - which, well, are things that we can quickly identify the "Singaporean" elements in.

Famous landmark? Hm... the Changi Airport control tower? The Esplanade? or the Singapore Flyer? oh yes, those that are commonly highlighted as "must go" places in Singapore!

Food is another popular item, definitely. This year, "Rojak" becomes something quite representative! Yes, it's a rojak society - yet, with much attention given to the details and the on-going refinement and experimentation, the Singapore Rojak has become (or should be "should become") more and more tastier each day!

So, what "elements" bring my heart closer to home?
Indeed, the fist item that cross my mind is my Singapore Passport - an official document that I would always proudly flash it at the immigration counter whenever I'm overseas. Of course, we know that our passport is high in demand!

Next thing is the National Day Song! Well, I still like the ones we learnt in primary schools! A check from the internet tells me that the first NDP song is "Stand Up for Singapore" (link)! I love its patriotic tunes! (just bear in mind, the Singaporean "patriotic" tune sounds very different from those in China"!). Read the lyrics carefully, they are simple yet meaningful. I must say that the collection of NDP songs in the 80s and 90s are representative of the progress, spirit and growth of the island country. It's all about celebration. The last one that I really like was "Home", which was especially meaningful to me when I was away from home for that one year!

There are 2 notes in the image, a $1 note which is no longer in circulation while the other is a $2 note. They represent the emphasis in two "eras" - See what's the image the $1 note bears? It's satellite, it's the orchid. What do they represent? They marked our progress! Soon, in the $2, it reminded us the importance of the only resource who have in this tiny island - the people. And education is therefore a strategic and important area that the country needs to look into, and invest in! Well, Education has been the 2nd just behind Defence in terms of the allocated budget.

Notice the POSB Bank Passbook? That's the version I had when I entered Primary school. What caught my eyes is the line at the bottom of the cover - "Guaranteed by Government"

The Play: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Just realised that I've not put up a single post in 2017!
And this is the first post since December 2016 😁

It's the first time, I think, or it's after so many years that I would have forgotten, that I watched a play - a play without any sound or music, a play that's fully conversation.

Chanced upon this play when I was 'wandering' at Sistic website - yes, it's been quite a long time I've not gone for more cultural stuff.

I've not read about this book, but the introduction of the show (in the website) came with long impressive accolades.

I did not expect myself gotten the ticket in one of those long weekends that I would drag my feet out of the house; well, after watching the show, I think my afternoon time was well-spent :)

I enjoyed the show. I enjoyed the stage effects. It's a cube with three walls filled with grids!
And of course, the performance of the cast, in particular, the core character, Christopher Boone, who has with him the Asperger syndrome. As I watch the character more closely, I started to connect his character with some youths whom I know. I guess, I am now more aware of the frustration they faced; or perhaps I now better understand why sometimes they tend to press on our hot buttons...

Something which I found very unique of this play was its conclusion, which ended with solving a Math problem!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Confusing English: "from"... "to"....

"Picked up" this banner along the way of my morning walk today.
Probably my English is no good, and I started to get confused as I look at it longer.

For a start, it looks like any of those big banners put up at any housing estates that feature the MPs of the constituency conveying greetings to their residents during the festive seasons.

However, wait a minute!
The words (happened to be printed at my eye-level) caught my attention!
"from Advisors to Tampines Grassroots Organisations".

My 1st wonder: 
Hm... It's from the Advisors (i.e. the MPs) - conveying their season's greetings to its Grassroot Organisations?
This sounds limiting, right? And why hang the banner at the open space to tell the 'whole world' that the greetings is meant for a selected group of people only? [That sets me think harder and longer...]

Then my 2nd wonder came:
Is it trying to say people right from the "Advisors" (level) to those at the "Grassroot organisations" (level) are coming together to convey their greetings to the residents in the town?
This thought came about because it's a usual practice that we sign off at the bottom right of the cards! And this is positioned at that spot!

Look at the entire banner again... that is no indication to whom the season's greetings is addressing to. There is no 'salutation" or no mention whom the greetings is addressing to.

So, is it my English is no good or it's simply the "beauty" of the language?
That's my third wonder.

Then, think further....

The Grassroot Organisations will contain people not just those who reside in Tampines, but probably some who come from other constituencies. There are also residents in Tampines who are members of the Grassroot organisations, too. As a result... This relationship could be represented as a Venn Diagram, too!