Sunday, September 30, 2018

Road signs. Reminders.


Notice that there are so many signs on the road.
Can we survived without these signs?
Point to ponder...

No Cleaners Day... in the first place...

The town council takes pride in its implementation of the "No Cleaners Day", which has been here for a few years.

Well, let's think deeper... what has lead us to this "campaign"?
Time to reflect our effort to promote a more gracious and considerate society... and why the need to do so...

Laundry... how have our practice change?

What's common in these 3 photos are how clothes are dried in the flats.

These days, we hardly hang clothes on strings to dry. This is usually in place of a standing laundry rack. Oh yes, I do this in hotel rooms, sometimes!

This is what we see in most of the HDB flats. It has been there for many many years; and has proven to be the best way to tap on the natural resource - "solar" energy to do the job. Outdoor laundry pole holders are the must-haves.

Over time, due to safety issue, it has improvised! Additional support structure were added so that the furthest end of the pole will be supported - reducing the chance of such poles being unintentional "killer litter".

Well, I think such structure definitely provides better support for those with weaker arms (or not so strong physically) who needs to handle the heavy poles (when loaded with the clothes).

In the recent years, for the newer apartments, it comes with racks that are fixed horizontally outside the windows. Now, we can hang the clothes directly on these poles!

Notice how simple practices has just evolved over the years - as we strive for continual improvements :)

Polyclinic... where are the patients?

I recall, long long ago... the fence was not there. The polyclinic adopted an open concept where residents can just easily walk in. Nevertheless, can't recall when, but only recent years, that the fence was installed all around. Why? Is it because of security? or? ...

Well, this is a photo taken in the early hours of a weekend morning...
I recall seeing the seats were filled by patients waiting  before the clinic starts its business for the day. Now, no-one's waiting out-there... where are the patients? Hm... has the demand declined? I wonder...

QR Code to promote greater awareness...

Something drew my attention to this tree... It's been "tagged"! (with a QR code).

It's been carefully packaged, in a plastic bag before it's "nailed" on the tree trunk.
Probably for some activities. Actually, a 2nd thought, to promote general education or greater awareness, why not we could have more of these around us? I wonder....