Sunday, April 29, 2012

20120429 Today's Reflection

20120429 Today's Reflection

After note:
Indeed, there are excellent teachers who become excellent leaders! Something that many of us of experienced, in different schools. The key is really what's in their heart...

On the other hand, the reflection arises from observations of some leaders-in-the-making.
It's been rather scary (and to a large extent, disappointing) to see how some of these people have changed over time when they are placed in the leadership role. Or maybe that's when the true colours are shown when tested! Sigh...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20120425 Today's Reflection

After note:
In fact, when we are told someone values us, we are quite unlikely to doubt it (as an immediate response).
However, when the actions followed tell otherwise, that starts to make one think, have we been deceived by the 'sugar-coated' words?

Friday, April 20, 2012

20120420 Today's Reflection

After note:
Looking at the darker side of things, there are those who tap on good relationships with others so as to get help in crisis that arose as a result of one's shortcomings.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

#articleMe: 世事无绝对

The Sunday Times (20120415, Think 44)

This was brought up and talked about in the newspapers couple of weeks ago.

I guess it's a matter of perspective - the context has to be viewed from different angles and situation. The pros and cons are different, and may switch position in some cases.

It's just one of the many examples when it usually started off with one "over-protecting" one's stand or views, and sometimes, unknowingly put down or undermine the other perspective of things.

How often are we able to exercise our critical thinking skills and put across an objective stand over things?
Hm... maybe, if it's objective enough, such article would not be published in newspapers? Hahaha...

#articleMe: It's about customising the TRANSFORMATION process...

The Straits Times (20120414, page A2) 

The specialized schools serve a bigger purpose - a transformation, that requires a different kind of strategy and effort to make that quantum leap. It's a different yardstick indeed. It!s like a healthy teenager could have easily complete a 100m sprint, yet someone who has challenges with mobility would deem it an achievement. Hence, a very different kind of game after all.

#articleMe: From Films to Digital Images

The Sunday Times (20120415, Reflect 11) 

The article reminded me of those old days when I have to pack one big bag of Fuji-36 films for trips! It was like 1.5 roll per day kind of estimation... Can imagine how much to bring and spent to develop the photos for a 10- day trip? I recall the 'investment' of those days was not limited to the initial cost - to get the films, but also to develop the photos (depending on the size 4R or 3R?) and also the additional development/ handling fee of about $2 to $5 per instance. On top of that, the album and the necessary 'accessories' to go with the album, without talking about the amount of time put in.

Technology and accessibility has changed our behavior!
From films and photo albums, we moved on to digital cameras where we could then select the photos before printing... yet, I could resist put them into albums. Then we progressed to the online albums... for me, it goes into the Travelogue which I started working on about 6 years ago.

Yes, memories were captured and now, is shared with a even wider audience...
It's convenient! It's cost saving! It's fast! We can do lots of fanciful things online....
On the other hand, I missed those days when I pieced the air tickets, receipts in the relevant sections of the album and writing down the little thoughts beside them...

Hm... the touch and feel...

#articleMe: Does the World stop changing because of what we are 'made' for?

The Straits Times (20120414, A36) Tailor grads to drive innovation.

An article that remind us to review the greater purpose of education. Are we still preparing students the same old way for that same old purpose for this revolving and evolving world? Hm... Food for thought :)

5 shortcomings that the author pointed out of what's 'produced' by the existing education system:
1. Relevance of knowledge
2. Regurgitation vs real world problem solving. It's about transferability across, not just discipline, but also hypothetical to real world situation.
3. The fear of failure - which means a change in our definition of the word, as well as our mindset.
4. Dealing with criticism. More importantly, what does the word mean, and how to criticize constructively and receiving it with an open mind to accomplish a common goal.
5. Failure to see the big picture. Apart from being able to see the big picture, it would also mean knowing the relationships across the entities in the system and how best to get them leverage on each other and synergise.

#articleMe: Good bye to peep-peep Pagers

The Straits Times (20120414, B1) 

A piece of technological innovation that has become the past. I never own a pager, but I recall the excitement of those who owned that 'new' toy which started to connect people around. I guess that marked the beginning of this whole new idea of connectivity. That was the start of the quantum leap :)

Re-igniting the passion...

This morning, at last have some time to give my mind a break... while that doesn't mean that I have finished all my marking (in fact, 4 stacks of papers still 'staring' at me and asking me when I'll touch them). Realised that I've not blogged for a long long time... blog like what I used to... on matters that touch my heart or things I observe, or my reflections...

No doubt, the past months were crazy... and also have been struggling on what's going on around me... and also doing some soul searching...

I guess, it's time to pick up the old habit and documenting my thoughts and responses to things around me... yes, coming back to blogging....

and I think I found a new way to do it... using newspapers articles as one of the avenues... also for me to reflect, too :)

Also, inspired by some colleagues like Irfan and Serene, who started with this everyday thematic postings... I probably would not have the discipline to do it everyday, but I think an (or at least one) article a weekend would be something good to start off with.

Perhaps I should hashtag it #articleMe