Sunday, May 06, 2012

20120505: Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Had an enjoyable time on Saturday afternoon - a performance that changed what a 'ballet' is 'traditionally defined.

More info:

The storyline of Swan Lake

Friday, May 04, 2012

20120504 Today's Reflection

"Fading behind the scene" and eventually gone is no easy task... but it's something that I would have the next 6 months to work on.

It's not because how 'indispensable' I think I am, but it's how to ensure that processes carry on without disruption or much inconveniences caused to others. Of course, it's also about making sure that work is handed over properly as many bosses would not want to 'disturb' their ex-subordinates after they leave the organisation, and have to live in agony to tie the loose ends.

While having this in mind, I think there must be provision and enough support to this 'hand-over' to take place; at the same time, for forward planning, too. One must be wondering (or think it's joking) when talk about forward planning. Since going off, what else to plan forward? Well, while one leaves, it does not do justice to the organisation if all work remains status quo. In fact, to what extent is the organisation prepared 'wait' till the next person comes in to take up the role and move on from there? Also, bearing in mind not to ignore the most fundamental piece?

While groundwork has been done. One should not undermine the opposing current going on.
No matter how strong it is, taking it for granted would only bring the previous efforts back to square one, and one will remain battling in the vicious cycle.

20120504 Today's Reflection

Being high-handed destroys all the good reputation and trust that were built over time.
Good reputation and trust take time to built, just like the emotional bank. However, 'rich' it is, it's very vulnerable and sensitive to any words or actions that works against it. In fact, the worst is when all the 'good work' carried out to build the ground work is no longer seen as sincerity, but as a tool for a bigger interest. Not only that, it makes one feel being taken advantaged of, or worse, being betrayed!

This does not just apply to peer-to-peer interaction.
The damage would be even greater when the boss demonstrated traits of being "high-handed", or is deemed to be high-handed; the implication is, your action and thoughts are not longer sincere. Sincere to the goals that were originally set out for both the boss and the subordinate.

This would be a gentle reminder to ourselves, no matter where we are, what role we undertake, sincerity is important. 以诚待人.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

20120503 Today's Reflection

The Circle is basically.... that small!!!

In organizations, people come, people go.

There's this Chinese saying, 山水有相逢which I think it serves as a very good reminder to us the importance of treating others well and part in good notes rather Han bearing grudge.

In fact, the educational circle here is very small. The longer we are in the service, the smaller our circle! Personally, I experience it!

Both good and bad experiences create can become deep seated reminders to us. How we manage our traits and trades travel with those whom we interact with. Good experiences generate positivity and draw us even closer to each other. Sometimes, words spread, sometimes don't. On the other hand, I'm quite certain that bad experiences are commonly shared, especially if the individuals' work attitudes was an issue.

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20120503 Today's Reflection

Conflicting messages from the same source, sending to different parties, when converged, can be confusing.

Sometimes, I just wonder, was it because one was unable to reconcile what they hope to see & get, and what's in the actual situation? As such, one is unable to control the situation, one tries an 'easy' way to put the cause of what doesn't go on smoothly on others?

Hm... is one in the self-denial situation? #iwonder

Haiz... it's sad, isn't it?