Saturday, September 05, 2009


已经很久没看几米的漫画了。第一次看到,是在KINOKUNIYA (Bugis Junction)看到的。那时2001-2003的时候吧! 被那独特的画工给吸引住了!当然,另一吸引我的,是它能够把“长篇大论”给溶索成三言两语!当然,也把好料一一介绍了给朋友们。(啊!当时的图书馆也收集一一套)

前日,到KINOKUNIYA (Orchard) ,很自然的,买了两本画册:“照相本子”和“履历表”。


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Teachers' Day 2009

3 things that makes this year's Teachers' Day different from the past years...
Indeed, notice that only when tweeted about it this morning... Yes, first thing first, have broken the tradition that I practised for almost 10 years... that's sending out personalised Teachers' Day card to friends and mentors... Yes, each year, I'll picked a photo amongst my masterpieces of the year - that's beautiful from a unique perspective and add a bit of personal touch to it before sending out to friends and mentors. Still remember one of my mentors shared how spikey cactus photo to depict his state of mind that time.
This year? Maybe have not found a picture that I found worth surfacing yet (perhaps!). Perhaps the picture only comes end of the year? (Hopefully). Maybe am tired? (Yes, it's time to take a break?) But really, the mood and feel not really there... what was I doing on 1 Sept? Hm... drawing flowcharts! hahaha... searching a needle in the hay....
On the other hand, what touches me are really the messages that came in this year... Surprising after 11 pm, received an sms from Zubaidah... initially, it didn't quite make sense... but towards the end, I realise! and I was touched! Yes... would not have expected that! So, this is what people say, it takes time to see what we reap? Of course, another one... I guess these messages came in because, these kids have grown up... and they are able to connect who they are today with the experiences they went through (our hands!). Certainly, nothing beats this realisation!

The 3rd present is really something unexpected... we got connected after 16 years! Thanks to Tiat Hee (who never fails to perform his duty as our retired monitor) who shared and link us up again with Dr Chong! Yes, it's 16 years! It's significant 'cos that's where we started our Teaching Journey, and Dr Chong was our class tutor! Nostalgic!

Once again, nothing's more powerful than words... though it isn't concrete... but it reaches deep down to our heart....