Saturday, May 16, 2015

What is responsible for the fall?

This is not the first time that people fell 'into' the gap.
However, it is something that is not un-anticipated because announcements to remind commuters to "mind the gap" have long exist!

Let's draw a parallel - there are lines of drains along the payments and we don't see or hear about any forms of installations to remind pedestrians to "mind the drains". Why?

Why, in the past, such instances hardly happened compared to these days?
Is it due to a change in the human behaviour?
Is it due to a shift of our attention and focus to the surrounding?
It's because we become so 'distracted' by gadgets and hence lowering our awareness to our surrounding?

Just wondering, how many are aware of the changes to the skyline just outside the MRT as the train moved past on its rails.

I wonder...