Sunday, November 10, 2013

A great way to complete the Journey :)

It has been a journey that's longer than expected, and one that I almost wanted to give up, not once, but twice. It's been hard to manage the demands (or more like my own expectations), when being torn between work and 'study'.

This was the last and final assignment (unless I did my tracking and calculation wrongly) to the M. Ed course that I got myself committed to it since 2009 July. I was hesitant, but took it up because of lots (not some, but really lots) of encouragement from a friend. But I must admit it's not a journey that I had committed myself to it totally; as I always telling my friends jokingly (actually, it's true) that I'm not the kind who like to be immersed in tonnes and tonnes of readings, especially the academic related stuff. It's torturous to me! Hahah... unappreciative brat I am, right? Having the opportunity yet being so unappreciative! There were also times when I wished that I could skip a week or two... know how stressful those weeks could be? Especially spending the entire weekend not doing the work, but attending lessons. However, I must say that, I enjoyed those weekend sessions. So, you see, how contradictory my reactions could be? It's the struggle that I had to manage. Maybe, if would have been thoroughly enjoyable the process if I were to take up the course after retirement? Hm... not a bad idea, but why do I need to stress myself over turning in assignments on time?

Anyway, I think I've closed the chapter with a 'big bang' (I think) that I didn't expect to! I did not (and never, since the start of the course) set high expectations to my assignment scores. Because I recognised the fact that what I get is what I sow; though each time I would painstakingly squeeze my brain juices to complete the task. I don't cut corners, unless we count borrowing my own experiences to pen them as part of my assignment submissions. Based on the feedback and score for this final assignment, I attained 100%, and the higher end of highest band of all the criterion! Of course, some would argue that most of the time, the lecturers are lenient. Hm... for some, it's obvious (whom I met in the past modules). On the other hand, for one who has explicitly articulated the expectations on how she marked by the criterion, and having achieved a not-so-good grade for the first assignment, I have confidence and trusted the standards she had set for the work quality. Hence, I guess, there's no other better ways than this to celebrate the chapter closure. Of course, I think, more importantly, I've lived through my conviction and what's written (in this assignment) was a true reflection of my belief and what I've carried out over the past few years. A pat on my shoulder for the good reflection I did; of course, not to forget the environment (in particular the people, who indirectly) that allows me to move along :)

Module: Pedagogical Engagement and Learning

* The maximum score per criterion = 7 points.