Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple is Beautiful

Thanks to the public holiday that I could laze around in the morning to sit in front of the television, hopping from one channel to another... at around 12 noon... KBS (115): Korean Cuisine and Dining. The segment I saw was not a nice restaurant setting (haha... which we would normally associate with words like "cuisine" and "dining").

It was a family kitchen in a flat (or equivalent).

The old couple did not look like any TV celebrities. They were just ordinary folks.
The husband was at the dining table, waiting to be served... while the wife was in the kitchen preparing dishes - and all 3 dishes come with webfoot octopus! Oops! and the preparation, for anyone who doesn't know much about Korean food like me, would think that those were pretty similar dishes... however, what's going through my head was... octopus! not very digestible stuff for the elderly! Haha...

But what really touched me was the story that closed this segment, when the couple spoken about why webfoot octopus! It's all because they lived by the sea in the early days and how the family (with 5 kids) grew up dependent on the daily catch (in particular the webfoot octopus). There's this emotional connection that they have with this sea creature! They live simple and they eat simple...

Of course some of us would wonder, and immediately become very judgemental and ask don't they feel bored over having the same dish over and over again?

Well, that's the magical part which not many of us could empathsize.

 Source: http://english.visitincheon.org/sightseeing/view.jsp?tour_id=567&c_page=3&class_id=B&catagory=31&gugunName=