Sunday, September 18, 2011

Still... about the Design

Here's another air-tight container... for another pack of junk food that needs to be kept crispy :)
This one is slightly more than twice the previous one 'showcased'.
Look at the 'fasteners'... there are only 4 of them despite it's bigger, and the cover design is similar.
Haha... based on the 'previous theory' (the more fasteners, the longer it takes to clear the content). Probably this will have a better chance to have its contents cleared these 2 days? Hm...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good design? Practical design?

This is the container that I used to hold the pack of pork floss.
Since it's crispy stuff, I therefore chose this container.

Beautiful design, I thought... and I'm very convinced that it will keep its content crispy... 'cos it tightly sealed by the 6 'fasteners'.

Then, here comes the 2nd thought... why so many 'fasteners'? Won't 2 or 3 pieces would do the job?
Hm... I think it will do the same job well... maybe, will so many 'fasteners', it will slow down the process of clearing the content inside :P Hahah...

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Circus of Life

This is an interesting installation put up by students from ITE Central. The art pieces are not exceptionally attractive... however, what caught my attention was the observations of the lesser noticed side of our beloved country. It did not portray youth or energy, but an area that some of us actually refused to acknowledge this side of our society.

Put it across more bluntly, it's showcasing the less desireable side of the "World Class Country" that we strived to become... In fact, this is not new to us... we have seen articles in the newspapers that talked about the elderly were employed to clean up dining areas (in food courts), pushing trolleys (in the airport), etc. In fact, some people (especially the foreigners) asked why do they still need work despite they are so old (some, seem to be in their 70s!). Why they are not staying at home to be taken care by their children?

Just to pick a few art pieces....
1, Does this old lady 'look familiar'? Well, we find many of them in food courts all over the island. What do they normally do? When we finish our meal, they'll come over to pick up the bowls, etc and put them onto a trolley before sending them to the 'backyard' to wash up. They are, somehow, indispensible because the pleasant environment nowadays largely depend on them... if one day, they fail to report to work, just wonder... would we be able to find clean tables for dining easily? Hm... #iwonder...

2. Next, the flyer/brochure distributor... we can find them anywhere, in particular at shopping malls, MRT/bus interchanges... sometimes even at the void deck of the flats. They have a common mission, indeed, to have all the flyers given out. Well, you can't just dump the flyers if you can't finish distributing! Die die must give out. What do passer-bys normally do? Just take and throw away. The flyer/brochure distributors don't like me for sure 'cos each time I would wave my hand to signal to them that I don't want. Yup, am making life tougher for them.

3. Someone with a broom who sweeps the floor at public places... do you recognise them? Have we ever shown our appreciation to them? Without them, how would Singapore look like? #iwonder Do we still recall how much litter was gathered at Orchard Road about the Great Singapore Swing? Well, well... so much about civic-mindedness... but we can't do 'away' without them.

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Beautiful collection of People and Memories and Hardwork of the new venture

The most beautiful gifts received this Teachers' Day... a documentation of the journey to-date... with the architects and engineers behind the new establishment captured here... and yes, it's also a milestone achievement :)

It's a privilege to be in the pioneeer team to witness the growth and milestone achievements... and of course, to be a part of it... in its history...

The Information and Communication Technology Department

The Mathematics Department

Friday, September 02, 2011

Heartwarming gifts...

This year's Teachers' Day is one of the "tastiest"... receiving 2 boxes of food, apart from the chocolates :)

The box of freshly baked bun was from Jonathan... and his mum. Nice buns! It's the thought and effort put in that counts a lot :) Yummy...

Didn't get the opportunity to check with the trio ~ Dawn, Devashi and Mingyi... if they baked these cookies or they bought it... they are sweet :)

Words that warm my heart and delight my days...

Thanks, Benz... 
Uniquely from Cupertino, hm... something I don't find at the Apple online store!

Thanks, Jiajun... :)
This comes in very practical and handy... especially after 'long-winded sessions'


Something from the Student Body... for the Teachers
...Nice idea to play with the alphabet set...

Thursday, September 01, 2011


One of those unexpected pleasant takeaway from last night's dinner... Thanks to our 'crystal ball' reader (Andy) who set up the "stall" :)

Just wondering, what's the "hidden blessings" it mentioned? Will it unveil on its own by the end of the year? Hm... :)


It's the 'heaviest' gift received this year (literally, the weight)...
It's simple... yet elegant... and definitely the thoughts behind it :)  Thanks!