Saturday, September 22, 2012


Recently have been watching and following some Korean dramas.
Notice that the songs of these dramas seem to follow a certain kind of genre (hm... the tunes). Though they don't sound 'modern' but it hooks on to one's emotion very well.

Here are some of them that I put in a playlist.

"Attitude + Openmindness" goes beyond watching from windows :)

I must admit that I'm one of those who are not too adventurous... and often takes a longer time to get to like certain new technologies, while everyone out there are already dived in to enjoy the features and conveniences.

I guess, it's the 'self-buying-in' process, which I'm not sure if there's such a theory out there... that's to convince myself the usefulness and relevance to my context... I guess, unconsciously, I'm weighing against the "need" and "want" in my OWN context. And it's quite often, the 'want' becomes a 'need' after sometime, though it might take years. So, it's no doubt that I would take a longer "wait" time to come onboard.

Of course, I won't go to the extent of asking others to convince me why the technology is good for me. Because I don't believe in bulldozing people around for things that are not their 'need'.
  • That also explains why someone pressed my "hot button" for telling me to convince him why he must use certain technology for teaching and learning. Why must I convince you when you are not even open to taking peek or look? 
The point is, really, attitude counts. The mindset counts.

For instance, the first iPhone was introduced in 2007. People around me were excited over it, though I was not surrounded by many Apple fans. I think, at that time, people were excited over the touch technology introduced to the phones rather than just the Apple iPhone.  I was not drawn to it because I had no prior experience with any Apple products, neither do I think there's a "need" that needed be addressed by what the iPhone provided. See, there is 'no need' in this situation. Nevertheless, I guess the environment has changed over time, my 'needs' have changed over time (though sometimes, when I look at it, it's more like addressing to some 'desires' (rather than need)).

Anyway, what held me back was also other concerns or perhaps confidence if the iPhone/ iDevice could address to - "Would the small screen be good enough for my 'fat' fingers?" Hahaha... It might sound funny, but it's my concern because of my prior experience with the less developed touch-technology. 

Note: It's after more than 5 years, I watched the launch clip (MacWorld 2007) for the first time today, I learnt that Apple has done a great job through its unique and charismatic way - creating a leapfrog experience to the users at that time. I'm impressed :)

I think, environment has a great influence on attitude - in terms of acceptance... or at least because of the 'unavoidable' interaction, that's where one grows to know the 'alien' stuff better and to become more open to it? The first time I touched the macbook pro was in 2009 because of work. A few units were handed to us for a few weeks to 'experience' its 'power'. Ironically, I only opened up the box just 2 days before returning it. Haha... I was obviously not curious over it (despite of some hypes from my fellow colleagues). Nevertheless, as it's a decision to go ahead with the device (which I was never against it, though it would be a steep learning curve), we'll just bite the bullet and go. Well, well, it was a good one... and there's where the relationship with the Mac products started to grow :)

I am please to say, it's through the on-going interaction (that I'm open to it) that has gotten me to start to appreciate the features - this is not what needed to be convinced by others, but I guess it's my openness and willingness to try it out and the 'appreciation' comes from within. Oh yes, I would say, it's the 'buying in' process, which is not initiated by external factors. Isn't this powerful?! It's a beautiful experience from discovery to buying in...

My acceptance to the macbook has no impact on my view on my 'needs' to have an iPhone till iPad arrived... very timely to address to some curiosity that I 'believe' the iPhone would not attract me to explore - the 'gigantic' touchpad. Haha... this time, I'm quite sure my 'fat' fingers can fit in well :) The experience was a good one, when it's almost a mirror to the phone except it's not a phone :) That created a bridge between me and the iPhone. Yes, I must admit, somehow it's "the point of no return". Haha...

The next 'new' wave is the chrome browser. Yes, it was there since we brought in the first batch of macbooks. However, I'm comfortable with Safari (though I'm not against Chrome, neither do I have reasons for that? What for? Haha). Nevertheless, through the Google Summit attended recently, I learnt that there are several features which were demonstrated were really attractive! Yes.... I guess I'm now going through the buying-in process - not that I'm not using it, but it's like in the process of reaching the stage that I'll say, "YES! it's my choice browser!" Definitely, I think the browser is trying to create an experience that's similar to the iPhone/ iPad, and it really helps - to draw my attention and curiosity to try it out  :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Korean Dramas

Have been following several Korean dramas quite closely in the recent months... and notice a trend in some of these dramas: There are 2 parts to the entire story line... the childhood and the adulthood of the key characters.

Here are two recent productions that go along the same line (and coincidentally, the lead actor is the same)

(1) Can you hear my heart? - a 2011 production
with a tragic beginning when the main character was a teenager; "disappeared" in thin air for several years before returning to home and re-united with his children sweetheart

(2) May Queen - the latest addition to the list
which started with talking about the childhood days - then one of the characters left and returned, and part 2 of the story starts with a reunion.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Chasing after stars (er... celebrities)

It seems like... I'm too "old" to talk about this... Hm... 'cos I've already "passed" that age for a long long time! Isn't this something that the youngsters will go after? Hm... Well, while I had gone through that stage (being a youngster), it was never in me to 'chase' after the celebrities, meaning to follow their news closely... basically, to 'idolise' (ok, for a better word) anyone. Well, I had a collection of photographs of 山口百惠. Oh yes, one of the well-known Japanese stars! I had a collection of photographs of Andy Lau and Tony Leung too! That time, they were still actors in TVB drama series! Haha... That tells how old I am! I guess there was a limit to everything, and at that time, technology (e.g. Internet) was not in the picture yet. As such, there was no Facebook or any means to follow the news except papers and magazines! 

However, today is so different! Blogs, Twitters and Facebook Fan pages are all over the place! Something which I found quite amazing how the celebrities kept their fans engaged. In fact, recently, I 'liked' the fan pages of two Korean actors and start to learn how fans are being engaged. 

In fact, it really depends a lot on how what the administrators of these groups do! Or in other words, how 'conscientious' are they in the job. After following the pages for 2 weeks, indeed, I suspect, for one of the Fan pages I follow, someone is engaged as a full-time administrator.

Let's see the difference!

The first one is Kwon Sang Woo's page

If we look closely, actually the page is only updated like once a week? Of course, it could be because it's his 'low' period when no filming is going on? Not really.

Next, let's look at another one: Kim Jae Won
If we look at the dates of the posts, it is not difficult to find that there is an average of 3 posts everyday; and the first post of the day usually happen to be in the morning, when it's just a photo of him (I think it's also pretty carefully selected) with a few words of morning greetings! Definitely, there's much higher engagement of this compared to the previous one! 
Well, it's always nice to be greeted by the beautiful face of your idol in the morning, right?
Ha! Somehow, I think there's this psychological aspect that plays a part in this whole engagement.


I guess there's a difference in terms of the age group of fans, too! Well, it's an interesting phenomenon that I have least expected!