Saturday, November 26, 2016

Confusing English: "from"... "to"....

"Picked up" this banner along the way of my morning walk today.
Probably my English is no good, and I started to get confused as I look at it longer.

For a start, it looks like any of those big banners put up at any housing estates that feature the MPs of the constituency conveying greetings to their residents during the festive seasons.

However, wait a minute!
The words (happened to be printed at my eye-level) caught my attention!
"from Advisors to Tampines Grassroots Organisations".

My 1st wonder: 
Hm... It's from the Advisors (i.e. the MPs) - conveying their season's greetings to its Grassroot Organisations?
This sounds limiting, right? And why hang the banner at the open space to tell the 'whole world' that the greetings is meant for a selected group of people only? [That sets me think harder and longer...]

Then my 2nd wonder came:
Is it trying to say people right from the "Advisors" (level) to those at the "Grassroot organisations" (level) are coming together to convey their greetings to the residents in the town?
This thought came about because it's a usual practice that we sign off at the bottom right of the cards! And this is positioned at that spot!

Look at the entire banner again... that is no indication to whom the season's greetings is addressing to. There is no 'salutation" or no mention whom the greetings is addressing to.

So, is it my English is no good or it's simply the "beauty" of the language?
That's my third wonder.

Then, think further....

The Grassroot Organisations will contain people not just those who reside in Tampines, but probably some who come from other constituencies. There are also residents in Tampines who are members of the Grassroot organisations, too. As a result... This relationship could be represented as a Venn Diagram, too!

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